About us

In a trip to a small village of Morocco, a nice old lady invited me to drink tea in her house. When I went there she was knitting a hat of the most vibrant and rich colors and patterns that I had ever seen. I was really impressed.

The lady laughed loudly seeing my reaction and said, "it is only a hat", but for me that hat with those beautiful colors and patterns was a celebration of life. When I asked her if she sells the hats, she said "No, people in my village do not need such hat. They can all make it themselves. I´m making it for my grandson."

I thought that it was a real shame that the art expressed by this nice lady could not be seen by others. How many people around the world are making incredible things without being seen or appreciated by others?

That was the beginning of Artmosfair.

Art according to Artmosfair

Well, the definition of art could be very complex, but it could also be very simple. Art is creating harmony and beauty and comes from people's passion and feelings.

Art can be handycraft made by the old woman in the village to art leveling Da Vinci, but will always reflect the culture.

It is the mission of Artmosfair to promote all kind of art from all cultures. Nothing is too small or too exclusive.

We are a group of enthusiasts who love art and crafts and share this vision that by helping each other we can spread the beauty and joy of different cultures expressed in crafts and art.

Join us and help us to make Artmosfair a better and fair place to be. :)