Starry Night double-sided handdrawn postcard with girl, greeting card, night sky


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This Starry Night Postcard is with my own original illustration and design. It's size is 10/10.5 cm/ 3.9/4.13 inches. It is printed on primary top coated matte paper 300 gsm, it is double - sided, so at the back you have your own space to write wishes or whatever you like.
This card includes envelope with logo brand. Perfect gift for the one you love and miss!

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  • starry night
  • handdrawn postcard
  • greeting card
  • handdrawn girl
  • stars
  • night sky
  • gift
  • navy blue
  • pink
  • red
  • illustration
  • drawing
  • paper goods
  • delicate
  • miss you

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