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The pillow cover in white and orange adds a stylish touch to your decor .Decorative pillow made by me in technique wet nunofelting .Materials used : australian merino wool , white silk fibers , 100% cotton fabrics base.Colors - shades of yellow .orange and white .
.Dimensions : 57cm. \38 cm ; 22,5'\15 '.
The pillow insert is not included .
?nstructions: The felt is easy care. Wool is a unique organic fiber and has a self-cleaning ability. However, if necessary you can wash it. For better result and long lasting quality of the felt use gentle hand wash at 30C (86F) in slightly warm water with hair shampoo. Do not change the water temperature when you rinse out the soap. (If you wash it in hot water the item may shrink further), squeeze the water out (use a towel). Use mild detergents. Reshape with hands while damp. Do not tumble dry. Wrap it up into a towel for a few mins, lay flat to dry, then iron with steam .


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