Mens Casual Leather Belt


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You are looking for belt? The best choice will always be a classic leather. It will be suited for anyone for any occasion.

  - 4mm (9/10 Oz.) genuine leather
  - 4cm (1,5 inch) thick
- 5 holes
  - Nickel-plated buckle
- Stitched buckle and belt loop
  - Colour to choose

The best way to measure the lenght is by inserting tape measure in loops of trousers and read the results.
The second way is to measure the lenght of best suited belt from beginning of buckle to best fitting hole.


  • vegetable tanned leather
  • genuine leather
  • dyed leather
  • Black leather
  • cowhide


  • Mens
  • belt
  • casual
  • leather
  • strap
  • wide belt
  • thick belt
  • black belt
  • stitched belt

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