Lavender pillow set of 3 - gift or wedding favor- wardrobe fragrance


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Rustic mini pillows set of 3 pc, with Istrian lavender, crochet roses. Made from crochet cotton thread on canvas, nice pastel colors.
Touch of a rustic. Great for a gift or wedding favors!
Nice table decoration, also wardrobe fragrance!
Size: 8x8 cm
Fill: dry lavender flowers and polymer for best soft touch

Simplicity with carefully selected materials - a touch of beauty!

Choose your colors : beige, blu and pale pink

p.s. allways made with a love and full passion

- Free shipping to Croatia!


  • cotton
  • linen
  • dry lavender
  • thread
  • canvas


  • home decoration
  • home fragrances
  • lavender sachets
  • wedding gift
  • wedding favors
  • rustic wedding
  • white pillows lavender
  • mini pillows
  • natural colors

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