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Original handmade slippers with portrait of your dog!

Send me a picture of your pet and I put it on the slippers with the name of your dog or cat if you wish.
These are very comfortable and worm, a perfect gift for Christmas!

100% Bulgarian merino wool eco friendly with warm colours. I used a thermo rubber sole, it's non slip.

These slippers can be made in any size and colour. Please select a size from the size table and write your foot lenght in the note from buyer.
Please, ask if you have any questions.

Felted slippers could be hand-washed with usual using a wool or silk detergent in warm water (up to 30 degrees C or 86 degrees Fahrenheit). Treat gently. Mold still wet slippers on your feet so they can retain their normal shape - simply put wet slippers on and stand on a dry towel for a few minutes. Air-dry on a towel.

Usually it takes 7-10 workdays to make it.


  • organic wool
  • sheep wool
  • eco friendly wool
  • sole


  • Any sizes
  • Made to order


  • women gift
  • felted slippers
  • shoes
  • beige
  • dog portrait
  • craft
  • handmade
  • art
  • fashion
  • accessories
  • animal
  • retro
  • custom
  • gift for her
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