Cool shaped Colorful Blue Cup - One of a Kind - No: 43*10*14


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Gum's, individually-sculpted designed mug.

The ceramic cups GUM’S are small sculptural artwork. Every mug is unique, embraced, twisted and banded by hand, using a delicate technique. A manual process is utilized, which starts with the making of models and clay shape, continues with the manual cup modeling to create the desired shape for each of the cups individuality. Ends with the manual glazing in order to enhance the quality of each individual product. They are made with great passion, by educated artist and ceramic enthusiast. The best pieces of the collection are patiently selected for this purpose.

Items on the photos are exact. Certificate of authority included.

Wooden handmade euro-pallet replica, made by us, INCLUDED WITH THE ITEM :)

It is ”Art to Use” concept, artistic but applicable. Please USE them with care.

Food-safe and lead-free materials for everyday use
Dishwasher safe - low to medium level recommended
Microwave oven safe - low to medium level recommended
Thermal shock – not recommended

Size: ~200ml / ~7oz

Shipping: Ready to ship, 5 - 7 business days


  • Ceramic
  • Glaze
  • Faience
  • Clay
  • Majolica


  • handmade cup
  • One of a kind
  • food safe
  • ceramic Sculpture
  • Design
  • unique mug
  • amazing gift
  • personalized artwork
  • tableware
  • drink milk
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  • Modern Art ceramic sculpture
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  • Elegant object
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