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This is a handmade ceramic mask. It’s inspired by the traditions in our country, Bulgaria, but presented in a unique and original way. The day of the holiday is different for each individual village. It dates back to ancient times when people would put different devilish costumes and go around the houses to chase away the evil spirits. According to the belief when you put a mask like that in your home it will do the same thing - chase away the evil spirits.
The mask is made of white clay then glazed with ceramic glaze.

This is a small version of a Kuker mask. The Kuker mask is part of a costume used in a traditional Bulgarian ritual. The purpose of the ritual is to banish evil spirits away and ask for health for the people and farm animals and fertility for the land; the scarier the mask the better. Having a mask like that in your home brings health and good luck to everybody around.

Here’s more about the ritual: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kukeri

The mask is made of porcelain, the horns are wooden. We used natural fur to make the hat and natural yarn to make the beard. The facial decorations give the mask an even more terrifying look. This mask will help you feel saferand more comfortable in your home.

Check out this video of the ritual: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=he2N2wsmdjQ

On the back of the mask there is a hook for an easy attachment anywhere you want.


  • white clay
  • wood
  • fur
  • ceramic glaze


  • 4 3/4


  • Ceramic wall mask
  • Ceramic Mask
  • Original ceramic mask
  • Folk art mask
  • Mask sculpture
  • Mixed media mask
  • devil mask
  • art mask
  • ceramics
  • gift for her
  • wall art

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