Nunofelting kimono , tunicFelt blouse,Woman gift ,Unique design .European design


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This felt shirt is a great gift for the sophisticated woman. I made it with love by hand in ancient technique nunofelt. I worked on ready knitted blouse from tightly knitted wool in a light beige color. I drew on it with Australian soft wool and silk fibers.I made the pattern tunic in shades of gray and white.I used Australian merino wool and silk fibers.
At tunic I made a spectacular bar in the same colors and adjustable length by metal buttons.The total length of the strip is 64 cm. -25 Inches, the width is 6.5 cm. - 2.5 inches.

Length shirt -75sm.-39.5 inches.
Length from one to the other sleeve - 165 sm.-65 inches.
Bust -124 cm. - 49 inches.
Thigh circumference - 120 cm. - 47.2 inches.

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