Wedding Royal Navy Blue hanging crepe paper flower balls pomander


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Set of 2 Elegant Wedding Royal Blue Navy Blue hanging crepe paper ROSE flower balls,wedding pomander, kissing balls, WEDDING DEKOR, flower girl , baby shower Decor
Set of 2 Luxury Elegant 4" -diameter all colors flower balls. You will be amazed at how real and stunning the flowers look. A colored ribbon to match your wedding theme can be added. These look amazing hanging from branches, hooks, chairs in your ceremony and reception, table centerpiece or for your flower girl.

These beautiful handmade paper flowers can be customized to your event!
These Crepe Paper Rose Pomander is the perfect thing for your bridesmaids / flower girls to carry as a romantic alternative to flowers.
Complete with satin ribbon, easy for little hands to hold.
Co-ordinating rustic / romantic themed wedding crafts available as separate listings.

More sizes are available if you would like to request a custom order- diameter - 6", 8", 10", 12", & 14",16
If you are looking for different size or color please email me!!

Actual size of flower ball diameter is 4" - 4,5"-
Thank you for taking a peek at my listing!
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  • crepe paper
  • paper
  • ribbon
  • organza

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