WOMEN BRACELET. Turquoise beads, Leather. Gift for mom.


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This bracelet has an exclusive desing. Designed by Kalmabisuteria.
You'll not find another one similar. Kalmabisuteria design.
Natural leather.
The material is always silver plated Zamak made in Spain free nickel and lead.
The leather is made in EU. Top quality leather.
To measure your size take the wrist circumference and specify the measure without adding extra space.
On this measure I add the space needed.
The item will be sent by registered mail in padded envelope and a small organza bag.
Post tracking number is provided.

Thank you very much for visiting my store.


  • leather
  • silver plated zamak
  • turquoise beads


  • tell me your wrist size in cm. when ordering
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19


  • braccialetto
  • gift for Christmas
  • anniversaire
  • anniversary
  • gift for mum
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  • pulseira
  • pulseira mulheres
  • armband frauen
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  • cadeau pour maman
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  • turquoise beads
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