The power of color - Charlie Chaplin


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The color to give new life and make someway contemporary the most famous artists of the past, this is basically my goal, trying to make known to new generations all those people who have enriched the artistic and cultural heritage of humanity. I wanted to choose the watercolor for the realization of this portraits series, because it is one of the techniques I love the most, especially for the ability that has to give freshness and modernity to every subject which is performed. I'm currently still working in the production of new works, I have not yet completed this project, so it is likely in the future the opportunity to expand and change the theme of the idea.
This painting was created on rough paper quality of 270g/m² with Winsor&Newton watercolors.
If you love this type of subject, you can find my other works similar in my shop, it's part of a series of portraits that I'm still realizing.
The painting is unframed. Original artwork signed which includes the certificate of authenticity.
Each artwork is shipped within a maximum of 5 days from the date of purchase. Delivery times are around 3 days for Serbia, 15 days for all European Union countries and 20 days for the United States. For additional delays due to office post, at customs or at a specific period, unfortunately I'm not responsible.


  • paper
  • watercolor


  • 40cm
  • 50cm


  • rectangular
  • colorful
  • modern
  • contemporary
  • painting
  • charlie chaplin
  • actor
  • cinema
  • movie
  • comedy
  • old
  • past
  • classic

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