Bronze Penises


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The project was inspired by a reference made in a novel I wrote. The sculpture is described as a ‘totem’ and is held aloft by the main protagonist in the book before she orders a charge. Find the book, Vidégoûtantlle, on the Amazon Kindle e-book store. I carved the original from a log of wood I salvaged from a tree surgeon’s vehicle using a bow-saw, craft knife and a lot of sandpaper. It is cast in resin with a bronze finish.


  • wood
  • Resin
  • Bronze-Powder
  • Black-Wax


  • 32cm
  • 20cm
  • 21cm


  • scuplture
  • penises
  • dicks
  • bronze-effect
  • abstract
  • wierd
  • curious
  • strange
  • effigy
  • fertility-symbol
  • root
  • bizzare
  • cocks
  • art
  • modern-art

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