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Seller Notes: “Newly painted. Direct to you from my studio”
Self-Representing Artist: Yes Painting Surface: canvas
Subject: seascape Date of Creation: 1990-Now
Original Painting by South African professional artist Louis
This is an original painting not a print
The original painting was painted with oil on canvas. It will be rolled and shipped in a postal tube
The high quality of these materials means you will have a long lasting piece of art, which will not fade or alter. The painting is signed.
Louis Pretorius is an internationally collected professional artist and has sold art all over the world.
He lives in Melkbosstrand, which is 30 km from Cape Town, South Africa
He has had art in several exhibitions in South Africa .
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* Please note colors/brightness may vary according to monitor settings. Thank you for looking *


  • brushes
  • oil paints
  • palette knife
  • canvas


  • 90cm 60cm 3cm


  • red
  • white
  • black
  • line
  • rope
  • canvas

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