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A set of 14 elegant handmade Bonbonnieres or Wedding Favors or Bridal Shower Favors or Engagement Gifts or Party Gifts or Guest Gifts, each containing a luxury scented soap, organza cloth and ribbons matching the soap's color.
Each soap is handmade, produced from excellent raw materials by scientists (with 25-years experience in cosmetics production) in a professional cosmetics laboratory, certified by the National Organization for Medicines. Comes shrink-wrapped for protection.
The main ingredient is high quality glycerin which moisturizes the skin and leaves a silky feeling.
Colors: You can choose between 5 colors (cream-ecru, red-white, white-red, fuxia-white, white-fuxia) - all the soaps will have the same color. You can also order a multiple colors set (when ordering, please state the desired colors in both organza cloth and soaps).
The fragrance of each soap is matching with its color: i.e. pomegranate for the fuxia, lemongrass or vanilla for white.
This very elegant, stylish gift is Ideal as Wedding favors and bridal shower giveaways, or as a gift for a Party, for Engagement, Anniversary or Feast, for any Ceremony.
You can attach a small bag containing confetti (sugared almonds), candy, mints or any special goodies you would like to present to the guests on the side.
Price: The price is for 14 pieces.
5 working days needed for the set's preparation. Please write us before you order to check the availability of the soaps in the desired color.


  • High Quality Glycerin
  • Luxury Scented Soaps


  • 8.5 X 8.5 X 3
  • Made To Order

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