One skull earring, silver skull, skull dangle, symbol dangle men, goth skull


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One skull earring, silver skull, skull dangle, men skull, boyfriend gift, goth skull, goth earring, for gays, goth gift, for men, men skull, symbol dangle

They are very lightweight and comfortable to wear! The back of the earrings is a hollow reverse of the front of them which reduces the weight.

One oxidized silver or oxidized brass skull Earring!

Total earrings with lever back ear wires hooks length 1 3/8 inches ( 3,3 cm ).
You can choose ox silver or ox brass one Earring.
Earring for the left ear.

The skull is one of man's oldest and most powerful symbols. It has a long and varied history of use with multiple overlapping interpretations. Most commonly it is seen as a representation of death and mortality, but it has many other uses including:
- To celebrate the memory of the dead.
- To celebrate life.
- As a symbol of life after death.
- As a symbol of change.
- As a means of obtaining good luck or avoiding bad luck.
- As a symbol of toughness, machismo, courage, bravery or indifference to death and danger.
- As a symbol of nonconformity, free-thinking, and rebelliousness.
- For cute appeal and fashion.
- As pure decoration.


  • oxidized silver
  • oxidized brass


  • 1 3/8 inches


  • One skull earring
  • silver skull
  • skull dangle
  • symbol dangle men
  • goth skull
  • goth earring
  • for gays
  • goth gift
  • for men
  • men skull symbol
  • Gay skull dangle
  • Halloween dangle
  • Halloween skull
  • for Halloween
  • protection men

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