Pekingese Dog Figurine "With Love" Hand-Made All Peke Colors


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As pet lovers know, dogs express the same emotions we do ... In this portrayal of a mother Pekingese talking to her puppy (who has been pushed out by the rest of the litter) she says "Life isn't always fair ... but (With Love) it can be wonderful" .... This is one of the "Philosophy Pieces" from our studio (gallery level, and the original is a competitive gallery sculpture). It is inscribed on the back with the words "Nobody ever said Life is fair, my child. But -- with love -- it can be Beautiful." along with our studio brand name. Figurines can be custom painted to the buyer's request, and because these figurines are being hand-cast and finished, please allow extra time for delivery. The figurine is named "With Love" and it measures approximately 7 inches long, 5 inches wide and 4 inches high. This original sculpture is in the collection of Mr. Hevener at his studio in Brazil and he is supervising the making of the figurines personally.


  • Hevener Stone Mix


  • 4 inches high x 7 inches in length


  • pet
  • dog
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  • peke
  • Hevener
  • canine
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