Couple On A Rainy Date Romantic Painting For Valentine


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Romantic painting of a couple on a Rainy day. What can be more romantic than a walk in the rain with your loved one? Hold hands and feel the rain drops caress the skin... Rain has the magic to awaken sensuality and ignite the flame of intense romance in the heart of lovers.
Bring home this artwork as a perfect gift for your loved ones to cherish forever.

Medium: Acrylic on yupo paper
Size: 14 x 11 inches
The painting will look gorgeous in any frame! Fits into any standard sized 16x20 frame. Frame Not Included.

YUPO is a state-of-the-art synthetic material offering all the attributes of the highest quality papers with the added benefits of extraordinary durability. Since there are no trees required in the processing of Yupo the use of this innovative material further supports my interest in preservation and conservation of nature.

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  • Acrylicpaint
  • yupopaper
  • blue
  • red


  • 14 x 11 inches


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  • romance
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