Hand carved Sculpture Female Figure


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Carved from one solid piece of balsa wood , about 60 cm representing a girl with body decorated with tribal lines on a base of the same piece of wood that was left in natural color.
Finished with natural wax.

Approximate dimensions: height 60 cm, base 13x15 cm


Wipe gently with soft, dry cloth. Brush with a small soft-bristle brush to eliminate dust from crevices.

KEEP AWAY from moisture/ humid areas. DO NOT store in bathroom/kitchen.


  • balsa wood


  • height 60 cm
  • base 13x15 cm


  • hand carving
  • wood carving
  • wood decoration
  • home decor
  • wooden sculpture
  • nude body carving
  • female body
  • body sculpture
  • feminine statue

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