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This is a fine work of stoning, the stone is slotted on the side and a thick square sterling silver wire has been inserted into the slot to set the stone.
This makes the assembling is very safe and allows the stone to be displayed in full.
Stone measures: 34x22x9 mm.
Total weight: 7.6 grams
If the Obsidian does not give direct sunlight, it is black.

According to popular speech, it helps to identify one's own flaws, and find solutions for them. It is also said to be a very protective stone, which helps to keep the person away from bad things, spiritually and emotionally speaking, even acting as a protective shield against the negative. It presents a complete affinity with the zodiac signs Aquarius, Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo, Scorpion and Taurus.



  • obsidian
  • sterling silver


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