Colorless freedom


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This is a drawing of butterflies in black and white made with pencil and charcoal on a thick sheet of cardboard; this drawing is framed with a glass panel on the front, a wooden panel on the back and a decorative black frame of 5 centimeters wide and 1.5 centimeters deep, this picture includes in the back a metal accessory to hang on the wall.
With this drawing I wanted to give to understand or to represent the freedom that many times we believe to have the people or the human beings in this world; Many times we believe we have freedom but in reality we are slaves of our bad habits, our bad vices that destroy us and our busy lives that prevent us from dedicating time to ourselves and the people we love, therefore, the butterflies and all this drawing in general is in black and white, since the butterflies are flying freely but in a world or a context without color, without sense and in the middle of a self-deception so they do not have color as we humans who believe we are free when in reality we are ruled by our bad life without realizing it. In short, I made this drawing to show an apparent freedom, a freedom that is not a true freedom and that deceives us, a freedom without color, a freedom and a life in black and white represented by means of butterflies that, like us, have a very short life, a few hours or a few days, a fleeting life that leaves us when we least imagine it.


  • Pencil
  • charcoal
  • graphite
  • cardboard.


  • 80cm * 60cm


  • Butterflies
  • butterfly
  • plants
  • animals
  • mountains
  • landscapes
  • trees
  • forest
  • galaxy
  • universe
  • space
  • stars
  • flowers
  • paintings
  • drawings

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