A fish from another world.


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Every time you look at this painting you will be more and more stunned by Its beauty and colors which are picked very carefully so that we can create this incredible art.
Because of the balance of bright and dark colors the art looks that magnificent.

- The colors can differ, due to different monitor screens!
Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply.
Delivery time: You will receive the painting around 7-15 days, we will send pictures with the packaging to confirm with you before shipment.
Thank you for choosing us!


  • oil paint
  • canvas


  • width- 21
  • height- 18
  • inch


  • wall hanging art
  • home decor
  • texture art
  • oil painting
  • stretched painting
  • blue fish
  • colorful fish
  • yellow fish
  • black fish
  • bright blue font
  • gift idea
  • handmade canvas art
  • colorful decoration
  • art gift

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