Bouquet of pansies. Illuminating painting


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Relief painting, mixed technique, on a transparent canvas. Includes collage of natural flowers and materials.

Colors may vary depending of the light zones behind the painting. The owner could experiment with different light zones and obtain various effects.

The painting is shipped with certificate by a state commission.
For convenience, It is wrapped and shipped without a frame.

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Rumianka Bojkova' Bio:
Rumianka Bojkova holds Master’s degree in Painting from the Fine Arts Department of Veliko Tarnovo University, Bulgaria. She has completed a Master class in Painting at the same university.
Bojkova is awarded two international patents for innovation in painting techniques.
She is an associate professor in Drawing at the Drawing and Modeling Department of the University of Architecture, Construction and Geodesy in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Her works are owned by prestigious Bulgarian and international art museums, galleries, foundations and private collections.


  • oil paints
  • acrylic paint
  • varnishes
  • natural flowers


  • 50x80cm

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