A big white fish. Abstract Painting. Relief Plane Technique

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I have developed this technique by using diverse composition profiles of the incisors (knifes) and pasteboard (multi layered card board). The pasteboard base is either factory or manually prepared by gluing contrasting or similar in color, density and thickness of the pulp layers.
To make an effect of deepness of the drawing I draw by pressing the incisor and often the nature and the density of the paper pulp determine the penetration depth and direction of the lines regardless of intention or - in dialogue with my intention. I do not use a scheme because emotion cannot be programmed. But still the cutting of the cards at different depths on drive axles in the drawing is organized in graphic, colorful and plastic screens. Precut of cardboard shape the main idea and the removal of certain pieces of mosaic built drawing contributes to the "introduction" of the image depth.
The painting is shipped with certificate by a state commission.
For convenience, It is wrapped and shipped without a frame.
For more about my works please visit my web site : http://arte-boshkoff.com/

About me:
I have received two international patents for innovation in painting techniques.
Currently, I am an associate professor in Drawing at the Drawing and Modeling Department of the University of Architecture, Construction and Geodesy in Sofia, Bulgaria.


  • oil paint
  • pastel
  • accrylic


  • 100x70cm


  • abstract painting
  • mixed technique
  • relief plane techique
  • fine art
  • modern art
  • abstract art
  • fish painting
  • abstract fish

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