iPhone 6/6s Wood Case Wolf - Handmade in Europe

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iPhone 6/6s Case Wolf
The case is made from Highest Quality plastic and 2 different wood types: Venge and Walnut. Walnut part is engraved. Hand finished wooden surface with a a black matte case protects your iPhone 6/6s from scratches and ensures that your phone will stand out from the crowd. The Wolf design is very popular on the market! This original and beautiful accessory is a perfect choice for your phone and is also a unique present for your friends or family.

Crafted Cover - Everyday Nature

- We work with passion and love to create unique accessories from natural wood
- All products are handmade at our small workshop in Lithuania
- Every case is unique as every piece of wood is different
- Every case cover is made from real wood, so its patterns may vary


All orders will be shipped within 1 to 3 business days. It could take up to 6 - 15 business days until you receive your package.


- Natural Feel and Finish
- Unique Natural Wood Finish
- Precision Laser Cut and Engraved
- Quick Snap-on/Snap-off application
- Best quality


  • wood
  • wenge
  • walnut
  • black matte plastic


  • phone 6/6s
  • IPhone 6/6s Plus
  • IPhone 5/5s
  • IPhone 5c
  • iphone 4/4s


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