How can we help you?

Our FAQ would give you an answer to most of your questions. However, if you have further doubts, would like to contribute a suggestion or propose us some type of collaboration, you can contact us by using the button "Contact us" and we will answer your request as fast as possible.

General information

Add items to favourites

On Artmosfair you can add items to your favourites list by clicking on the "heart" icon. As long as you are on Artmosfair your favourites list will be active and you can view it whenever you want, or if you prefer, you can send it to your email to be viewed later on.

To open your favourites list click on the "heart" icon on the top-right corner of Artmosfair.

Seller's FAQ

What can I sell on Artmosfair?

  • Handmade items (created by you).
  • Items with an original design.
  • Jewellery made by independent designers.
  • Original paintings.
  • Accessories and clothing from independent designers.
  • Craft supplies.

I can't sell

  • Items which infringe copyrights.
  • Assembled Items.
  • Adult or pornographic items.
  • Illegal or dangerous items.
  • Resale.
  • Vintage.

Contact us if you have doubts about if you can sell your items on Artmosfair.

How much does it cost to sell on Artmosfair?

It is free to join us and we have no start-up fees.

Basic and Plus accounts

When you open your shop on Artmosfair you can choose between to types of accounts:

Basic account

This type of account has been designed primarily for casual sellers or for sellers with few items.

  • Up to 6 items free of charge and then €0.10 per additional item.
  • 6% commission per sale.

Please note that you will not be charged for the quantity of the same item, which means that you only pay a fee for one item, even if you have 100 of it in stock.

Artmosfair Plus

If you have many different items for sale the Plus Account will give you much more advantages and benefits.

  • €40 per year.
  • Listing of unlimited number of items free of charge.
  • 3% commission per sale.
  • A small Plus badge in your shop and item pages.
  • Get your items listed on top of the search results at no cost.

You can upgrade your basic account to the Plus account at any time from your personal area. Note that the benefits of the Plus account will take effect from the time you purchase the service.

The payment for the Plus account will be a single payment through PayPal, that will NOT be repeated automatically after the end of the year. Your account will be returned to Basic when the Plus account expires, but you can renew it whenever you want.

Do I need a PayPal account to sell on Artmosfair?

Yes! The easiest and more secure way to manage payments with multiple online buyers and sellers is through PayPal.

You will need a PayPal account in order to accept payments. Both "Personal" and "Business" accounts are easy and free to set up.

Setting up your PayPal account

Create a PayPal Account

  1. Go to PayPal.
  2. Click on the link "Create Account" at the top of the page.
  3. Choose your country or region from the dropdown menu.
  4. Select the account type you want and click "Create Account". A "Personal Account" is enough to sell on Artmosfair, but we recommend "Premier or Business" account that allows your buyers to pay by credit card without having a PayPal account. This will increase your clientele.
  5. Fill in the information and click on "Accept and continue".

How to use the created PayPal-account:

  • Confirm the email address that you have informed to PayPal. You do this by opening the confirmation email that you have received from PayPal.
  • To pay: Register a credit card or bank account or put money into your PayPal account..
  • To accept payments: Confirm your email address.

Choosing the Right Account Type

  • Personal Account
    Ideal if you shop online. Make secure payments on merchant websites using your credit card, debit card, or bank account.

  • Premier Account
    Perfect for both buying and selling. Make secure payments on merchant websites. Plus, accept credit card, debit card, and bank account payments for low fees.

  • Business Account
    The right choice for your online business. Accept credit card, debit card and bank account payments for low fees.

PayPal allows members to have one Personal account and one Premier or Business account. However, each PayPal account must contain unique email addresses and financial information. You may upgrade your account at any time.

For more information visit PayPal's help center.

Allow payments by credit/debit card without a PayPal account

With a Paypal business account you can allow your buyers to pay by credit card even if they don't have a paypal account. This option is highly recommendable as not everyone wants to create a paypal account. Creating/Upgrading to "Business account" has no additional costs.

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click the profile icon (silhouette) in the upper right of the screen and then click the option "Account settings".
  3. Click on "Selling options" in the right hand side of screen.
  4. Find the "Website Preferences" (under the heading "Selling Online"), and click "Change".
  5. Click on "PayPal Account optional" and select "On".
  6. Click "Save".

Allow payments in currencies other and convert to Euros

In the event that a buyer will pay in a different currency than Euro, PayPal will allow payment and will do the conversion automatically.

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click the profile icon (silhouette) in the upper right of the screen and then click the option "Account settings".
  3. Click on "Selling options" in the right hand side of screen.
  4. Find the "Block payments" option (under the heading "Getting paid and managing my risk"), and click "Change".
  5. Activate the "Yes, accept and convert them to Euros" option.

Shop settings

To set up your shop follow these steps:

  1. Click on the link "Open your shop" on the top right of the page.
  2. Select your preferred account. You can start with the Basic account and upgrade to the Plus account at any time from your personal area. See Basic and Plus accounts
  3. To register we need the following information:
    • Usermane: Choose this name carefully because it will be part of the url address of your shop. The username CANNOT be changed once you've registered.
    • Email: Enter your primary email address. This is the email we will use to contact you about your orders.
    • Password: Choose your password carefully and try to combine uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers.
  4. Open your shop. Now you are ready to build your new shop. ;-) You need to provide the following initial information:
    • Name: Enter a descriptive name for your shop. You can rename your shop at anytime from your Personal Area without affecting your username or your shop's url address.
    • Slogan: Slogan is a brief summary that identifies your shop and appears under your shop's banner. It is a powerful marketing tool that can encourage your buyers to support your brand. Choose words that are creative and easy to remember.(i.e. "just do it", I'm livin it", "I love art", etc.)
    • Description: Here you can tell about yourself, who you are, what you offer, what your art has been made of and why it is special.
    • Full name: It is a good idea using your name. The buyers will then identify you and your work in a more personal way.
    • PayPal email: Email associated with your PayPal account, through which buyers pay you. See Setting up my Paypal account
    • Telephone: Optional. Your phone number will not be visible and we will only use it in case we need to contact you.
    • Your address: The regulations of certain countries require that this information is visible for the buyer. The information will not be visible publicly on the site.

Your shop is now ready to be opened. ;-) The next step will be to list your first item. You can do this while you open your shop or later from your "Personal area".

Editing shop

From your "Personal area" you can edit/change all aspects of your shop and create your shop exactly as you want.

General configuration of shop

Use the "Settings" link in "My shop" on the left side of your "Personal area".

You can define exceptions or include additional conditions to the standard returns policy that will be included to your shop's general policy. You can also modify general information like PayPal email, phone number, address etc.

Shop Appearance

Click the link "Shop Appearance" under "My Shop" on the left side of your "Personal area".

You can finish the set-up of your shop appearance by adding a profile picture and banner and linking your shop to your social profiles. You can also modify other aspects such as the name of your shop, slogan and description.

What is my shop address/url?

You can choose between two formats:

username is the username you chose when signing Artmosfair.

Ex.: http// or

Vacation mode

Enable vacation mode if you are not available for a specific period.

To enable or disable the vacation mode, go to your "Personal area", click on the link "Vacation mode" in the left menu on the screen under the heading "My shop".

What happens when the vacation mode is enabled for my shop?

  • You can edit and add new items.
  • Your items do not appear in search results, but you can access them via a direct link to the item. The button "Add to Cart" will be disabled (grayed out).
  • On the top of "Your shop" a message appears stating that the owner is on vacation.
  • In case of unpaid fees, the shop will be blocked regardless vacation mode.

Listing and item management

You can list all the items you want from your "Personal area" by clicking on the "Add new item" from the left menu. Please note that if you have a basic account you will be charged the corresponding commission and fee for each item. See Basic and Plus accounts

The listed items will be available for sale. When selling a product on Artmosfair the stock will be automatically updated. However, if you sell a listed item outside of Artmosfair, please reduce the number in stock on Artmosfair and make sure that the current stock is up to date.

Item Management

Click on the link "Manage Items" in the left menu on your "Personal area". From this place you can add, edit or delete items.

You can increase the quantity of your available items whenever you want with no additional fees. Artmosfair only charges one fee for each item regardless of the quantity.

Shipping costs

The shipping costs are the costs of sending the item to a buyer. You can specify the costs per item or per. order. You can specify shipping costs for 4 regions. If you don´t specify the costs for a region, you can't receive orders from that region.

You minimum have to specify the costs for your own country. The other regions are optional, but remember you may have buyers from all over the world and it is therefore recommended to specify the costs for all regions.

How do I find the real shipping costs?

On the website of your post office or shipping agent you can find the actual price of shipping. Make sure to set your shipping fee so it will cover the actual costs of shipping.

What happens when I sell something?

When you sell something on Artmosfair, you will receive an email from us notifying you that you have an order. This email will be sent automatically by Artmosfair and contains the buyer's information (name, email and shipping address) and the ordered item.

You will also receive an email from PayPal when the buyer makes a payment. Please note that the payment may take up to 24 hours after the order has been confirmed. If the buyer does not pay within 24 hours, the order will be cancelled automatically.

When you have received the payment, you should ship the order within 3 working days, unless you have stated another shipping time for the item.(in the bottom of the item page)

When shipping the order you should change the order status to "Posted" so we can send an email to the buyer confirming that the order is on it's way.

If you do not receive emails from Artmosfair, please check if:

  • Your email is correct: Enter to your "Personal Area" and click on the email link and password under the "Account" on the left menu.
  • SPAM folder: Check this folder, and add our email address to your address book to make sure that you receive emails from us correctly.

If you still do not receive our emails, please contact us.

My order does not appear as "Paid" but I have received payment

It is important for the buyer and you, that the order appears as "Paid" to maintain the normal flow of sales and communication.

This may be due to two circumstances:

  1. Is possible that an error has occurred in Paypal and do not send payment confirmation to Artmosfair. (Please go to your PayPal account and make sure you have received payment.)
  2. You may have received payment for an order outside of Artmosfair through other payment methods.

In both cases, please contact us indicating the following information:

  • Order reference number
  • Your username
  • Buyer's name and email address

And we will mark the order as "Paid".

What if a buyer does not pay?

When buyer makes an order they can go directly to the "payment" page and make the payment. Furthermore, the buyer will always receive a link to complete the payment within 24 hours or the order will be cancelled automatically. If you do not receive payment on time there might be many "innocent" reasons such as computer problems, problems with PayPal, etc.

Please contact the buyer via email to make sure that this is an error and that the buyer has not changed their mind and find out how you and the buyer can solve the problem.

Please DO NOT ship the order until you have received the payment.

How do I cancel and make a refund of an order?


The buyer has the right to cancel the order or send back the order and ask for refund, even if the item is not faulty in any way. For this the buyer has to contact the seller in writing within 14 days of receiving the item. The buyer may send an email or use the standard cancellation form.

If buyer asks for the cancellation of an order they have already received, you should contact the buyer to arrange the return of the order. We recommend you to wait until the items have been returned (or until you have clear evidence that the buyer has shipped your items back) before you make the refund.

To make the refund, go into your PayPal account and select "Issue refund" from the dropdown menu alongside the transaction.

Cancellation of an order (paid)

When you've made the refund on PayPal, please contact us indicating the order details and we will cancel the order on Artmosfair and make a refund of the commission of the order.

We need following information to cancel the order:

  • Order reference number
  • Your username
  • Buyer's name and email address

Fees and commissions

The seller would only be charged the agreed fees and commissions according to the type of chosen account. More information about fees and commissions on Basic and Plus accounts

The commissions and fees generated on a month could be paid as of 1st of next month, provided that the total amount exceeds €1. Any bill less than €1 will be rolled over to the next bill.

We will send an automatic email to let you know that you have unpaid fees.

How can I review what I have been charged for?

Enter to your "Personal area" and there you can see a box to the right onthe page called "Balance". There you will see in red your net profit (total sales amount - paid commissions), the commissions that are generated during the current month and -if applicable- unpaid commissions.

If you click on the link "Manage fees", either from the "Balance"-box or from the left menu of the screen, you will see the breakdown of fees for the current month, unpaid fees and commissions paid.

How do I pay unpaid fees?

To pay the fees go to your "Personal Area" and click the "Manage fees" link and you will find on "Balance" box or on the menu of the left side of the screen, under the "Orders/Commissions".

You will be able to see all unpaid fees on the "Commissions's breakdown" page. Click the "Pay fees" button to pay through PayPal. When you have made the payment, you will receive a confirmation email and fees appear as "Paid".

What if I do not pay the outstanding fees?

If you do not pay all outstanding fees by the 10th of the month, we will send a reminder to your email containing all details of the due fees. If you still do not pay the due amount by the day 15 of the month, your account will be blocked.

While your account is blocked your shop will remain visible, but your items will not be searchable and buyers can not order your items. Nor can you add items, manage orders or your shop.

When you pay unpaid fees, your account will be reactivated. Your items will again be searchable and buyers will be able to order from your shop.

Promotional code

We may send the seller different types of promotional codes.

If you have a promotional code you can use it by clicking on "Promotional code" link under "My shop" on the top left side of your "Personal area".

Normally we use social media to inform news, events, promotions, etc. We recommend you to follow us and learn more about us and our attractive promotions.

Tips on images

Taking good pictures of your items is crucial to sell, so it is important that you take your time to do it right. These tips will help you improve your photos:

  • Focus: Make sure that images are well focused and are clearly visible.
  • Daylight: Use the daylight and avoid flash.
  • Background: Choose a plain white background if possible.
  • Composition and Framing: Think of what is more pleasing to the eye. Take several shots from different angles and you can see what angle is best for your picture.
  • Variety: Take one main image showing the whole item and several other images of the same item showing the details of the item from different angles.

Tips & tricks to help increase your sales

In the process of learning by doing we have assembled some tips and tricks to help increase your sales. We hope that we can work together to create a professional community for artists and art lovers.

  1. Configure your shop correctly.
    There are two main aspects, that are often forgotten, when configuring your shop.

  2. Tell about yourself:

    • Write about yourself and your work in the first person. The Internet is impersonal enough already without you having to make it even more so. You've decided to show your work to the public; talk about that. Why are you an artist or crafter? How do you use your art as a form of expression? What's your perspective? What do you want your art to communicate? Being able to answer questions like these in a conversational way is good no matter the circumstances. Talking about who you are and what you stand for makes visitors feel like they're getting to know you, and that it really is personal art. This way you make your work more than just an abstract impersonal commodity. People who feel some connection to an artist are more likely to buy than those who don't. And more important – They are more likely to come back!

    • For you artists and crafters who don't like to write, think about this -- search engines can't find a website with little or no text. Don't worry if it is not perfect. It is still better than nothing. The less text you have, the less accessible you'll be through online searches. If you like we can even check your text and even possibly translate it for you. If you want to use this option, send your text to before publishing it in your shop.
      Now this doesn't mean you saturate your items with mountains of text simply to be visible to search engines, but rather that you make sure to include all those facts, terms and descriptions unique to you and essential to understanding and appreciating your work.

    • Personalize your shop: Make it feel like a nice place to look around in and a place that is uniquely you. Selling art with images on a computer screen is very different from selling art out of your studio or at a gallery. In a sense, you have to build a "gallery" around your artwork, create an online atmosphere that displays it at its absolute best.

      Important: It is extremely important to take clear and good images of your art in natural surroundings and lighting, as it is the only way a buyer can see and "feel" your work. No one will want your beautiful product if it appears out of focus or looks poorly lit.

  3. Price

    • Pricing your art is different from making art; it's something you do with your art after it's made, when it's ready to leave your studio and get sold either by you personally or through Artmosfair. Making art and craft is about the individual personal creative process, experiences that come from within; pricing art and craft for sale is about what's happening on the outside, in the real world where things are bought and sold for money, and where market forces dictate in large part how much those things are worth.

    • The better you understand how the market works and where your work fits into the big picture of all the art by all the artists that's for sale at all the places where art is being sold, the better prepared you are to price and sell your work. Just like any other product, art and craft is priced according to certain criteria and these criteria have more to do with what's going on in the marketplace than they do with you as an artist or crafter and how much work you have put into the items. You have an idea of what your work is worth, the market has an idea of what your work is worth, and somehow the two of you have to get together on a price structure that makes sense to both of you.

    • Prices are not pulled out of thin air. When you price your work, you must be able to show that your prices make sense, that they're fair and justified with respect to certain art criteria such as the depth of your resume, your previous sales history and the particulars of the market where you sell. People who know something about art and who are interested in either buying, selling or representing your work are going to figure out one way or another, not necessarily by asking you, whether your work is worth what you're selling it for. In order to sell, you have to demonstrate and convince them that your prices are fair and reasonable. If you can't do this, you'll probably have priced your work too high.

    • So how do you start? If you don't have a consistent history of selling your work in a particular price range or in a particular market, a good first step is to use the same techniques as when selling properties. The realtor puts a price on the property that is competitive with similar properties sold in the area.
      For example: A famous artists who's art is in high demand can charge a high price for small items as his name is important for the pricing. Unfortunately most of us are not so privileged and we have to settle for less even if we have put a lot of time in the work. If the same painting is signed by Van Gogh it will be worth a fortune and if not perhaps only a few hundreds euros.
      "But my art is unique. You can't price art like that." - You may be thinking this, and you're right, your art is unique, but so is every other art No matter how unique your art is, it's also similar in certain ways to art by other artists.

    • Here are some of the ways your art may be similar to other art-- it may be similar in size, shape, medium, weight, subject matter, colours, the time it takes you to make it, when it was made, how long you've been making that type of art, how many you've made, what type of art it is (abstract, representational, conceptual, etc.), who your audience is, and so on. Your job is to explore your market, keep an open mind, be realistic and focus on those who have similar experience and qualifications as yours, and see what they charge for it and why.

    • For those of you who have little or no sales experience, who haven't sold much art, a good starting point for you is to price your work based on time, labour, and cost of materials. Pay yourself a reasonable hourly wage, add the cost of materials and make that your asking price. For example, if materials cost EUR 30, you take 10 hours to make the art, and you pay yourself EUR 20 an hour to make it, then you price the art at EUR 230 (EUR 20 X 10 hours + EUR 30 cost of materials). If you use this formula and your art turns out to be more expensive than what other artists in your area charge for similar art, you may have to rethink your pricing or pay yourself a little less per hour perhaps.

  4. Packaging

    • Put a little effort into a more exclusive packaging if possible. Even a diamond doesn't look like much if in a plastic bag! It looks much better in a nice little box.

    • Make sure the item can withstand the shipping f.ex. by using bobble-plastic.

    • DON'T forget to make a nice little "Thank you" note to the buyer and make them feel special. This way they´re more likely to come back for more.

  5. Promotion / referral

    • Effective keywords: Use effective keywords in your title lines and text. Keywords are your ticket to higher rankings on search engines and one of the best ways for people who don't already know how to find you. For example, good keywords can be used to attract people who collect the kind of art you make, but who have no idea you make it. If you sculpt coat hangers into baby ducks, use keywords that attract coat hanger baby duck sculpture collectors. Only use keywords that relate specifically to you and your art.

    • Integrate to your social media: Whenever possible, use social networking posts (share, Like, etc.) to drive traffic to your shop. Write about your success on Artmosfair-Facebook and other social media and try to convince friends and visitors to visit you on Artmosfair. Share posts from Artmosfair and help promoting your own art as well as Artmosfair as a great portal. It is really about teamwork. Remember! Together we are stronger ;-)

Buyer's FAQ

How can I ask something from a seller?

Almost all items on Artmosfair have been designed and created by independent sellers.

You can contact the seller directly if you have any question concerning the item, shipping etc. To contact a seller click the "Contact the seller" link on their shop page. You can also contact the artist by clicking the "Contact" link on any listing page of the artist

If you have made some orders you will receive a confirmation email from Artmosfair with a link with which you will be able to contact the artist directly.

It is not necessary to be registered on Artmosfair to contact an artist

How do I buy on Artmosfair?

When you want to buy an item select "Add to Basket" on the item page. The item will be added to your basket and you will be able to find it on the top-right corner of the page.

From the basket you will be able to continue shopping, remove items or checkout. You can view the contents of your basket at anytime by clicking on it on top-right corner of any pages.

The items will remain in your basket until you remove them or checkout or until you log out.

Please note that adding an item to your basket does not remove it from sale. If you leave it there for too long, it might be sold when you check out.

Can I buy items from different sellers in a same order?

When you check out you have to confirm the total amount of your order and later on make the payment to each artist separately using PayPal.

How much is the shipping costs?

You will find the shipping costs and description of the item at the bottom of item page. Please note that the shipping costs may vary depending on the destination and the number of items to be sent. Please also note that the shipping costs differ from artist to artist.

We recommend you to contact the seller directly if you have any doubt.

How can I pay an item?


We use PayPal for more secure, easier and faster payment. It is not required to have a PayPal account on Artmosfair, but we highly recommend it as it is the simplest and more secure way to deal with payment. If you do not have a PayPal account you can easily create one for free.

Credit card and debit card

If you do not want to be registered on PayPal you can still use a credit card or debit card to pay with PayPal, even without any PayPal account.

  • Place your order and click the "Confirm and pay" link.
  • On PayPal site find the link "I do not have a Pay Pal account" and use your credit card or your bank account.
  • Click the "Continue" link.
  • Enter your credit card information and your address.
  • Click on "Confirm order and continue".
  • Click on "Continue without log in".
  • Confirm your order and select "Pay now".

Problems when buying an item.

Most of the problems related with the purchase of an item are due to:

  • The item is not available
  • The shop is not active for the moment
  • The quantity of available item is less than the quantity you wish to buy
  • Currently the artist does not support shipping to your country.

Please check that none of these issues are present and in case of any doubt, please contact the artist or Artmosfair.

Problems when paying with Paypal.

the problems are related with the payment with PayPal and are of technical character.

If you experience problems with PayPal, you can contact PayPal technical support or contact the seller to let them know. They may be able to help you solve the problem or arrange payment another way.

When will I receive my order?

At the bottom of each listing you will find the specified shipping time. The shipping time within which the seller will send your item will vary from seller to seller and depends also on the method of shipping, carrier, distance, quantity of items, etc. We recommend you to contact the seller in case of any doubt.

When your item has been sent your seller should update the status of the order and you will receive an automated email telling you that the item is on it's way.

Problems with missing orders

If you do not receive your order after a few days, please contact the seller. If you do not hear from the seller within a week, please contact Artmosfair and we will try to contact the seller for you.

The seller does not send my order

If the seller does not send your item, we recommend you to cancel the order and request a refund from the seller. If the seller does not respond or is non-compliant, you can claim the refund via PayPal. For more information see the PayPal help page on "claims and disputes".

Cancel an order, return an item or request a refund.

When shopping on Artmosfair, the agreement of purchase/sale is between the seller and the buyer. Artmosfair provides the platform to facilitate this agreement, but is not responsible for it or its fulfilment.

You have the right to cancel your order or send back the order and ask for refund, even if the item is not faulty in any way. For this you have to contact the seller within 14 days of receiving the item and you have to do it in writing.

You can contact the seller by clicking the “Contact” link at the top of their shop page or sending an email. The seller´s email address is provided on the confirmation of your order email and the notification of shipping email.

When you contact the seller, please state all the details of the order (date of order, your username/email, name of the item, quantity, price, etc.). You can also copy the following text, fill in the details and send it to the seller. You can find all the necessary information of the item on the confirmation of your order email.

To [the seller's name, geographical address and email address]:

I (1) give notice that I (1) cancel the contract of the following service (1)

Ordered/received on (1)

Reason for cancellation (optional)

Name of buyer (1)

Address of buyer (1)

Signature of buyer (only if this form is notified on paper)


(1) Delete as appropriate.

You can also fill in this cancellation form (PDF), print and send it to the seller's address. You can find the address on your confirmation of the order email.

The seller will then contact you to arrange the return of the item. You are responsible for the return postage cost, unless the item is faulty. The seller will then provide refund including the cost of outward postage within 14 days of receiving the returned item, or within 14 days of you providing evidence that you have posted the item back. The seller is entitled to deduct money from the refund if the item shows evidence of use, which will affect the value of the item.

Return of faulty items

The buyer has a right to return the item if it develops fault up to six months after the receipt of the item. The buyer may be entitled to partial refund, replacement or repair of the item, depending on circumstances. The buyer should contact the seller immediately when observing a fault.

Where is my refund?

The refund is managed directly by PayPal, therefore we recommend you to check your account and contact the seller directly about your refund. See How can I ask something from a seller?

If you do not have a PayPal account and made the payment using your credit or debit card, the money will be given back directly to your card. It can take up to 30 days to appear the refund on your credit card.

Following up on orders.

If the seller provides information to track orders, it will be sent directly to your email.

In case of any doubt we recommend you to contact the seller.