Magic painting "Service guide voodoo"


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Painting "Voodoo Service Guide". The character's name is Thutmui.
Service guides are certain persons of internal service for beings with developed consciousness, carriers of highly professional information on any specialization.
The service guide is depicted in the working environment of a voodoo sorcerer. This is a cult space (temple) with figures of idols made of wood, bones and teeth. The vessel with blood refers to some voodoo practices. The ghostly arms and legs behind Tutmuya’s back indicate influences on the subtle planes that are produced due to the energy released by living beings. There are also tropical plants with large flowers that have psychedelic effects. Some of the plant leaves are decorated with ritual stripes; such leaves can be used as clothing for priests during rituals.
Thutmui has the appearance of a Limurian. He wears a short tunic, decorated with designs similar to Maori tattoos. The service guide's body itself is covered with tattoos. The bracelets on the forearms, wrists, ankles, and the necklace on the neck are made from pieces of bones, teeth and tendons.


  • acrilic
  • canvas


  • 50 sm
  • 70 sm


  • painting
  • magic
  • artifact

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